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Jeff Magnuson – Provincial Physique Compeditor

Originally I had no intention of getting into competitions. I hired my coach ( IFBB Pro and Olympian Bodybuilder Helen Bouchard) to help me get to the physique that I desired, and after a year under her guidance she told me that I need to do a competition. After some thought and discussion I decided to try it, and we came up with a game plan to compete in the Winter Open in Feb ’17. Motivation for me is always high when there’s an end goal. As soon as we had the date of the show, the fire inside was lit and it only grew stronger as we got closer to show time.

Vince Tidder – Client

I have been training with Helen Bouchard at High Definition Fitness (HDF) for just over a year now and have had 3 personal trainers over the 3 years I have been lifting. I can say that Helen is a quantum leap from all I’ve met and trained with. On top of being an incredibly great trainer; concentrating on lifting technique not weight, Helen is just an all around great person that gives all she has to whomever she is training. Regardless of your goals, competition, healthy lifestyle or weight loss then HDF is the place where you will find her very best expertise.

Heidi D. – Client

What I like about High Definition Fitness is that it is a professional, supportive, and inclusive environment. At HDF, all fitness levels and goals are welcomed and supported. Helen and Daphne know all their members and they have always made me feel included in what could be an overwhelming environment for someone new to fitness. I have been training with Daphne since October 2016. During this time, she has developed personal training programs for me and  she has provided one-on-one training sessions to make stronger than I ever thought I could be. Her training sessions and support have given me confidence and taught me that I am strong and beautiful. I am thankful for her belief in me and for her continuous drive to  make me a better version of myself.

Jason Hood – Client

I started working out at HDF in April 2015 just one month after they opened. I immediately felt very welcome at HDF which is a family place where everyone is welcome. I was training on my own and ended up hurting myself not knowing what I was doing. Helen and Daph kept an eye on me and helped me by just giving me training advice! I then knew these ladies actually cared about their members and they helped me make a great start to becoming healthy and fit.  I then started personal training with Daph 3 times per week and my progress took off!!  My weight went from an overweight 200lbs to 157lbs in just 7 months.  I am now getting a little bigger with healthy eating and better weight training form and technique.  I do not train at HDF anymore, but I still love seeing these ladies. Best part is no matter where you go they are still there for support and will even still make sure you are training safe safe when you are in their gym. If you haven’t been there you are missing out big time! HDF is the future of your fitness and heath.

Clarance & Trish Howat – Client

After a sedentary winter we decided that we needed to do something about our diet and fitness.  We heard about Daphne at HDF and booked an appointment with her.  Her straight forward and down to earth approach was exactly what we needed.  She created a meal plan that was easy to follow and we saw results within the first few weeks.  The support we received both in person and via text messages ensured that we stayed on course.  It has been 8 months and we are down a combined 85 lbs.  We continue to follow the basic principle of the meal plan that Daphne created and continue to be active members of HDF. 

Thank you Daphne for changing our lives.  So glad we found you.